Roman Forum    

Visualization combining traditional and digital

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For over two years the Visualization team consistent of research and analysis work done by Prof. Krusche and rendering skills applied to create the 3D model by Margaret (Xiaoyun) Zhang '17, 19' has allowed the first few visual reconstructions of the Roman Forum to come together. The in-development project is shown in the image form here and will be available for full navigation in the next months.



Project showcase



  In development reconstruction of the Roman Forum (credit: DHARMA) 



In development reconstruction of the Roman Forum - view from Arch of Augustus towards the Temple of Vespasian and Concord. (credit: DHARMA) 



3D Reconstruction of the Roman Forum with the underlay of the Laser Scan data and the Giacomo Boni map for accuracy. (credit: DHARMA, Boni map: Dr. Fortini)



Detail captures of placement of the Arch of Augustus in relation to the Forum. (credit: DHARMA)



View of the Forum and the Arch of Augustus and Temple of Castor and Pollux. (credit: DHARMA)